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the problem with the NYC bike rack I think is the perceived flimsiness that goes with the design... it looked like anyone can take the bike-rack out with a kick.


Looking at the racks on the metal grates, do the grates lift straight out? Meaning a thief could just take, bike rack and grate together?


I work next to the FIT campus in Chelsea where they have a dozen or so of these racks installed. I see bikes attached to them frequently, though I attribute that to the fact that the campus is well protected and theft very difficult by day. I would NEVER lock my bike to that ø (diameter symbol). I do like your idea... perhaps the city should redo the contest.

Jonathan Rabinowitz

The ø racks are pretty sturdy. I have been using them when I find them. Certainly they are not going to get kicked off their mountings. Also, it's easy to lock up the rear wheel with chain to the circumference and the front wheel with u-lock to the diameter. That's sometimes difficult with the staple racks.

Toward IanF's question, I have never ever seen one of those grates removed, in more than 20 years. Not once. I suspect that the hardware and leverage necessary to remove the grate would be plenty to remove any bike rack no matter how it is mounted. Remember, nothing is stopping thieves from driving around 15-ton tow trucks and using the winch to remove all kinds of street furniture.

Having bikes parked at eye level would mean that people would walk into them and bang their heads. Maybe in a garage, but not on the sidewalk.

As for a lifting rack


I think they look like art. And bicyclists fear a return of the POTUS, what with the NYPD hysteria that will cause them to remove the 'pipe bombs' from the 'art installations', er, I mean the bikes illegally attached to city artwork.


From your photos, it looks like the installation locations are more of a problem than design of the racks.



As far as your comment on people bashing their heads into the bikes, that would not be a problem in my estimation - just blame my bad art.

The rack would be designed so that the hanging bikes would be "inset" from the bottom of the rack.

Think of it this way - I have walked around bike racks all my life and never walked into one. I have driven a car into one but that is a different story, one you can actually read about here =)


What I am saying is that the rack would operate so that the only way to hit your head was if you walked into the bottom half of the bike rack - which I have never seen someone do.

Hope this explanation makes sense, but that thought did come to my mind too.



Nice racks but its art work. The problem is the lack of space for racks and the fact that people use poles cus they are more convenient

I saw these racks called 'Cyclehoop' they can bolt onto existing posts and parking meters - seems like a it could be the solution? (www.cyclehoop.com)


Yeah, no Richard. Bolt on just doesn't say "secure" to me. It says "go find a wrench". Or in Philly's case not even that much. http://bnb.poseur.com/philadelphias-new-bike-racks-a-thiefs-best-fr


My Dad made those bike racks in Times Square. They are planning to put them on old parking meters throughout the city as well, I believe.

Carl Ferrel

Personally i like the new bike racks I don't understand why people refuse to use them. Perhaps they're confused

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