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No butts about it.

All T's, no A's.

Yes, that's right ladies.

I have two round things myself.

Guess we'll Hustle to the Penthouse.

Robert says there's hundreds of Daisy Dukes on 43rd through 48th?

No Standing.

Nothing fixed here.

I don't know, just my ideas. They're silly and some are almost completely not related to the topic, but I enjoyed coming up with them.


Oh, one more and then I'm done.

Things to make you go headsets over handlebars.


"Because of Boobs, You'll Read This"


Ads portraying women as sexual items? in NYC?
How can you not title this misogyNYC?!


Riding Softcore.


32C is NOT my Tire Size


"One Ride to Work, Hundreds of Beautiful Ladies"? ;)


"The breast advertising in New York."

Tony Magnotti

"Ginormous Paper Women Want My Money!"


"Anti Terrorism Weapons: Distracting Terrorists All Over NYC"


"A Tribute to Women's Rights Movement"

Demario Mitchell

"Ladies and bike lanes."

"Got sweat?"

Will come up with more creative ones once I reach class.


"Weapons of mass distraction"
"Places your bike isn't welcome"
"Self esteem is a commodity"
"New York City terrain"
"Spring in the city"
"Who are the people in your neighborhood?"

Jon Grinder

Breast, It's What's For Dinner


Smut on the Waterfront


"More fun between your legs."
"We've obviously fallen on 'hard' times."
"Why do I worry so much about my spoke nipples?"

Nate J.

"Schwing Approved"



That pretty much says everything.


Brings new meaning to the term "cruiser bike".


{Excerpt from Gaming Monthly Magazine, a monthly gaming magazine}
"Remember when SimCity and driving games were family-friendly? Welcome to the '00's bub! The Sims and Grand Theft Auto are all the rage now. Sex! Murder! Mayhem! Now the classic game, Frogger, follows this trend in gaming with the upcoming title: Frogger: Dead Meat NYC. Above are some screen-grabs of obstacles you'll face as you try to maneuver through the levels; Gratuitous billboards! Filth-spewing garbage trucks! Wandering winos and bustling bobos! Stay focused and try to avoid getting mushed by taxis, crazed cyclists and errant pedestrians while you traverse the city from the East River to the Hudson, from Sputen Duyvil to Battery Park. Eleven levels of terror with every possible cliché thrown in for good measure. For PC and all gaming consoles.
Also, don't miss the upcoming feature film, Frogger: Stalled Traffic, based on the classic game, starring Liam Neeson as The Frog. 'The lily pad just wasn't home anymore, and the Big Apple finds itself with an unlikely hero.' Coming to a theater near you, 1st of Nevermber.


awesome - i take the same route - how about "oversized packages subject to search"


Ladies has became commodity to enhance brand name of products out of there.

round and brown

I don't know, just my ideas. They're silly and some are almost completely not related to the topic, but I enjoyed coming up with them.

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