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Hi! It´s some kind of LED-rearlight that you attach to, for example, your backpack...

Demario Mitchell

Guess I am the only one who does not know what this is. Some kind of attachable battery powered light, like device?


Seeing how the battery and (I assume) LED wires go into the fabric at the same point - I'm tempted to suggest the fabric contains a coil of some sort. But to what end.....

Perhaps its attached to a pannier bag/rear rack and the led flashes as a magnet on the wheel passes the coil? Seems a bit far fetched/awkward though...


I would say it is a battery powered turn signal device. The square fabric can be clipped to the back or bag, while the controller chooses which way you want to signal your turn.


I don't see any arrows, but I was thinking (based on the switch) that it might be rear-of-your-jersey-mounted directionals?


I think you clip it across your pants or over your saddle, it must be some kind of seat warmer.


Before reading any comments, my thought was that this is a heating pad of some sort. It looks like the wire runs through the rectangle of webbing, and if worn under a jacket, it could provide a little extra warmth. The longer bit of cord could be a switch.

Another idea is that it's a security device for your bike bags. If someone grabs your bag before flipping the right switch, they get a zap.

Really interested to find out what this is now!


A Flashback? LED blinkes to go on the back of a Camelback backpack.
Designed by a guy in Austin TX. Am I the only PathLessPedaled reader here?


beat me to it tom. austin in the house!


Maybe the contest will be to post something then see if the people who comment actually read it carefully. Doh.

Tony Bullard

Tom, I was coming to say the same thing.

Peter Davis

Yeah, I'd agree it's a lighting unit with a battery pack. It can clip onto your back, your bag or your bike.

Ed H

It is some kind of battery powered immersible
heater for those who want hot coco in their water bottles!

Tony Magnotti

it's a security system. you attach those clips to the metal of your frame. you remove the little green fob and arm the thing, sending a seriously painful wattage through your frame and all metal parts. Someone, not you, comes to snag it and will want to put it down right away w/ the shock. Total deterrent! You wouldn't even need to lock your wheels or saddle separately! If this thing ISN'T that I'm gonna have to go make one! And a warning sign...


It looks like there are probably lights in the grosgrain fabric and the alligator clips can attach to your backpack, clothing, et al.


Only thing I can come up with that hasn't been guessed alread would be a heart-rate monitor.

Nate J.

4-way spliff holder.


Anti Doping Deterrent Device--or ADDD

Megan N

I think it's cue sheet holder w/ light source so randonneurs folds can ride at night like Paris Breve Paris.


Clearly it is a license plate warmer, activated by rectal switch.

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