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I'm not sure what the local slang is, but it looks like garbage truck ooze to me.


Hmmm... off the top of my head, I'd say IED. Though if you didn't note it was NYC, I could have mistaken it for Chicago.

Second thought is that Nyackers are slobs. I ee 2 flattened cans, a bottle, and some crushed paper thing in that shot.


The best trash cleanup hack i've seen is to just tilt the street, and everything just slides toward the gutter.


My vote is the garbage truck ooze too.


yes, definitely IED.


My guess would be people throwing stale coffee out their car windows.


definite IED.


Maybe the aftermath of a bike commuter experiencing some of the unpleasant side effects of Alli?


The reason why fenders are needed year round in NYC. Also, a reason why you should know the garbage route when planning your commute.

Jack Bulkley

I see danger at every turn: trash, slick spots, car doors that could open while you are dodging the trash, same for people coming between the cars, some broken pavement and traffic.

I wish I had a picture from my commute, paved path through the woods. On Tuesday I saw 7 rabbits and a fox.

Zack Burger

Looks hectic... I'd search out a different route.


Humm. my initial response would be that because of parking on both sides of the street causing the street to be narrow, and the fact that I would not want to get hit by an open door, that I would "take the lane". But there are no lane markers that I can see so this could result in an issue with a motorists. And yes I know it is a one way street.

Ed H

Sadly the street looks very similar to everywhere I ride and run. It only takes a few slobs to ruin things very quickly.


Looks like the motorists are trying to defend their street with boiling liquid and tire-shredding cans. Almost medieval.


I'm guessing garbage truck runoff too, you can see a truck off in the distance in the photo. What is "IED"?


That you're midway-through falling on your side, and one moment later there will be a cyclist sprawled in the middle of the road, broken bycicle parts (and possible bones) here and there? :)


Since I am paranoid about being decapitated by doors swinging wildly open I think about that, plus I think about why I prefer riding my hybrid with its wider tires over my road bike.


Seriously Random? You don't know what an IED is? Do you not watch the news? (Hell even Faux News could explain this) Are you incapable of using Google?

Try running it through Wikipedia.

*Turns away in disgust.

Matt B

A lightweight cyclist who puked on the street after only two beers.


In this context, IED stands for "Ice-like Expletive Drip," which refers to any sort of slick, partially-frozen juices that tend to leak out of garbage trucks. The term is more fully defined in this article: http://www.bikehacks.com/bikehacks/2010/03/dictionary-of-bike-commuter-slang.html

Anyway, the main hazards I see are litter, potentially slippery stuff, and riding too close to parked cars.


We get those in Albany. It's like rolling through barf. With bits of broken glass in it.

Kevin Wilson

Are there no littering laws in NY?
I cannot say that it wouldn't happen in London, but there are laws against it.
There was a recent campaign about drivers emptying ashtrays while waiting at traffic lights. Fines etc.

I knew in Florida they have iced tea. So NY has ice coffee :)



I'd have to say the garbage collection union is in league with the street sweeper union. I sure hope you have street sweepers with that much trash left behind.

I'm guessing the bottom of the garbage truck is rusted through based on the brown liquid on the road.


the dangers of biking in NYC? don;t do it unless you're a psychotic-masochistic -lunatic who loves a good laugh after near death experiences of slipping on infamously gooey and notoriously slick garbage truck ooze.

billy fright

haha! mysterious ooze and flattened can-pancakes? They're more the flaws of a corrupt human species, rather than the flaws of a car-bound society. We'll be littering no matter what.. I'm not sure that's the bull's eye of this lovely little angulated photograph. What I'd guess is that you're tryna poke at the non-present caterance and acceptance of bihicles, hmmmm? like.. what I see here is a narrow unmarked path, boxed in by a rather sinister wall of parked cars. If I was a-cycling all jolly-wolly down that NYC steet.. and a mammoth truck was rumbling in the opposite direction - CLOSER CLOSER CLOSER - I think I'd consider myself in a bit of a pickle.. or... gerkin.. whatever. And hey! from the photo, looks like there IS a truck approaching... whatever shall the photographer do!?! ...Moreover.. have you applied some keen artistic spin on this snap? The camera-angle, to me (and I'm guessing fortheaudience too) suggests.. confusion (damn that's some good highschool art student reasoning!) like.. "what the?? how do I get outta this freaky claustraphobic dizzy place?".
Yeah, something like that.
Photo = guv, cyclist's use the roads too ya know.

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