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Actually pretty dumb. It's not like handcuffs don't have a universal key that you can buy in bulk http://www.galls.com/style.html?assort=general_catalog&style=RS009 or anything.


It's also certainly not like you can show your Carpet Fibre geekery with your Cop Bike Stealing Key. http://www.galls.com/style.html?assort=general_catalog&style=RS121

I'm on your campuz stealin' your po po ridez.

No, not really, but it's still remarkably stupid even for a Campus Cop.

Peter Stewart

I wonder what the charge was.


Not that you'd actually even need a key. like say if you had a bobby pin or a paper clip or something.


Do not actually do this while in custody or to a Cop Bike. I, nor BikeHacks, endorse, theft (yes even if it's a cop) or escape / evasion of the law. Enemy soldiers / agents? Sure kid, knock yourself out.


I wouldn't over analyze this hack . . . I'm sure the security official just did this while running to grab a quick donut (rim shot).


I'm not, I just wonder if this officer would handcuff a donut in the same manner to keep it from walking off.


anytime i've seen a police bike that wasn't locked up i felt confident that the nature of the bike (unique appearance, city property, owned by an on-duty and likely nearby police officer) was enough deterrence to keep it from being stolen. i think that the handcuffs add a nice extra security measure and are a fairly clever use of handy resources.


True enough the bike was parked outside of the Union, which has a dairy store (which sells ice cream cones) so there is a chance the officer was stopping by for a quick cone.


Even if you don't have the universal cuff key, they are extremely easy to pick, much like a undoing a zip tie. But then again... who's going to try to steal a cop bike. there is no way anyone can ride away inconspicuously on that.. unless you're wearing a fake uniform.

The more important and troubling fact here is the bag on the back... What's in there? anything valuable or dangerous? I would think that a thief would more likely get into that and walk off with whatever is in there than the bike.

I would love to see a later photo of just the frame sitting there with no wheels.. (crackheads will steal anything and try to sell it on craigslist)

In terms of the security of the bike... absolute Fail.


Slimbo I find your faith in the deterrent power of the word "Police" disturbing. People will steal damn near anything if given a chance. In the end, ditching the bag, and stripping the frame for parts ends up being a win nearly all the time. Granted, it would be the ONE bike theft that they actually investigate, but even then I doubt they'd be able to make an arrest unless the crook tried to sell the thing whole on Craigslist.

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