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Michigan State University has a full fledged bike shop on campus, complete with bike and canoe rental, full service shop and accessory store. And on top of that, there's also a high and low pressure compressed air available 24/7 for free. pretty sweet for just a college bike shop


Dirk Raeder

The Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany also has a kind of bike shop. It's a DIY shop with four workplaces and professional assistance to the students repairing their bikes.

Jonathan Hansen

Here's another Campus Bike Shop!

The California State University Channel Islands Bicycle Kitchen!

We setup outside the Gym every Friday and help our community fix, repair, ride and even build bikes at Little or No Cost!

We have a small but Mighty Racing Team, and we're growing every day.

Love Your Blog!

(I'm building a website for the club as we speak...)


The University of Washington in Seattle has one in its student union. I believe that UC Davis has a shop on campus also.



I go to university in Montreal, Canada. The 2 major english speaking universities both have their own bike collectives (Concordia and McGill). They're great, they sell used parts (new innertubes, spokes...). Right to Move at Concordia takes in bike donations, fixes them up and sells them for very cheap to those who normally can't afford a bike. And of course, they have all the tools for you to be able to fix your own bike.

Rob Miller

Colorado State University has a bike shop in its student center that recycles/fixes old bikes for resale.

Jack Bulkley

I took my daughter to visit University of North Carolina in Asheville in the fall. On the campus tour we went by the on-campus bike shop. It wasn't open then but they did mention free maintenance and cheap rentals. In fact students can rent a mountain bike for the weekend for $10 and check out some great trails in the area.



UC Davis also has a bike shop, At least when I went there. Davis is a very Bike friendly community as well. The bike cops there also give out B.U.I.'s on a regular basis. Hey, At least you can walk your bike home from the bars instead of leaving it there and getting a ride on your friends handlebars. For those of you still wondering, yes... B.U.I. stands for "Biking Under the Influence".

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wonderful!!! The bikes drives me really crazy. I like every kinds of bikes. When I see a bike shop I can not choice.


I thought I would also point out that UCSB has had a bike shop since the mid 70's :)


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