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Just a pic from st. patty's day. Side walk loaded with bikes, I hate to block thoroughfares with my dual baskets and our 1x1's so. Did the best hack I could. not pictured: can of sourcrout holding the blue bike up. Note work shirt keeping the wheel from floped.

Nate J.

Given we have such a hard time finding funding from public or private entities to put in regular galvanized metal hoop bike racks and striping bike lanes (sharrows, bike boxes, etc.) I find it an extreme uphill fantasy to be able to get anyone to build one of these kinds of facilities in the US. I think there are much simpler ways to accomplish bike storage and simpler = cheaper.

Just a hunch, but I would think a controlled-access, staffed, bike corral could be just as effective for less money and not rely on the mechanical/computerized aspects that might have reliability issues. And since they're cheap, all of our cities already have those facilities, right? (tongue planted firmly into cheek)

The thing I keyed in on in the video that would be a smart improvement in some (many) of the transit facilities in my region, such as the light rail and bus stations, would be the ramps for the bike wheels as you go down the stairs. There are some days you don't feel like hoisting your heavy commuter bike over your shoulder like a cyclocross racer to go up or down the stairs.

Robert Rowe

I'd just like more of the little strip malls and such to have safe/secure bike parking available. In the burbs, when I ask, they usually tell me they don't put them in place because it increases loitering and therefore, vandalism.
...So I avoid their stores and find better alternatives that DO have bike racks.



Do you ask the people at the strip malls what they think about car and oil companies vandalizing the earth?

Matt B

Lockers at work would be awesome. They keep the bikes out of the elements. Some days the weather is good on the way in and home, but raining/snowing during the day. Lockers make sense for bikes, but the people in power have to take biking more serious to spend that kind of money. I would rather see more racks in more locations. I can usually find somewhere to lock up one of my babies, but I worry about it and go back to check on it sometimes.

John Romeo Alpha

Agreed, lockers at work would be awesome, since it would allow me to commute on a better bike than my beater, and not worry (much) about it.

Toby Miller

Well I don't think we will have anything remotely like this here in the United States anytime soon because most of our citizens are not going to commute to work by bicycle, run errands on bicycles, or do any of the many things you could do on a bicycle instead of their car. The laziness of our american society is absolutely insane. We have all become far to complacent and our lives have become far to easy.


Most rail and bus stations in the UK have these, they are great to leave your bike all day in an unfamiliar town. The main problem is that your bike is meant to stand upright on its back wheel - not so good if you have full mudguards. We hack a hook to hand the front wheel from the ceiling, using a bungee and a stick...

biker helmets

wow! Bicycle Park is weire

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