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to a thief, this type of lock is a problem that presents easy solutions...

solution #1: attack the lock mechanism, not the cable.
solution #2: wrap the cable/cutter in a small piece of thick blanket.

as a cable-lock, it's a design failure because it can be easily defeated. as a deterrent (assuming that there's indication of the "spray-load" to a thief) it's a partial design failure because of the solutions mentioned above.

i'll stick with my NYFU.

in the meantime, as long as many of the world's legal systems enable thieves to win "on the job" injury cases (not to mention innocent bystanders), this technology will never hit the shelves.


This lock is made of Fail

Duncan Watson

Follow the link. The lock itself is also protected by the selfsame dye. I think it is a useful product and not a failure. Plus it is much lighter than a NYFU.

It would be fine for normal use. I wouldn't use this in a leave the bike overnight situation though. But for your basic, running errands lock-up, it is fine and will serve as a deterrent.


@ Duncan

so, if the lock gets jammed and you have to force it.... :(

i would guess that if this ever got off the ground, it would have some type of visual indication of its theft deterrence (like poison frogs, yellow jackets, etc). and within a month, we'd start seeing knock-offs that look identical, but cost a lot less and are harmless to the casual bike thief. that would decrease the deterrent value because the S/N ratio would favor the thief... who would just wrap a towel around the whole thing anyway.

as Raiyn pointed out in regards to a lightweight security chain, "Light, Cheap, Strong. PICK TWO." but i think even that is optimistic with current materials technology. i would say that you only get to prioritize one of those factors, and you have to compromise between the other two. with an NYFU you can guess what my priority is.

this idea is a gimmick, but that doesn't even matter because it's a legal liability just as much as putting razor-blades in toy vending machines, which means it will never be available for sale in the western world. maybe you can buy one in china or india in a few years, but bring it back to NY and it's just another flimsy cable lock that offers very little physical or deterrent value... although the shock value would be impressive.

"Security is a process, not a product. Products provide some protection, but the only way to effectively do business in an insecure world is to put processes in place that recognize the inherent insecurity in the products." - Bruce Schneier, 15 May 2000 Computer Security: Will We Ever Learn?

and how many people will buy it, and just lock their QR'd front wheel? technology can't help them.

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