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What fun!
Thanks for taking us along...


Having only moved from Vancouver nearly 3 years ago, that Nature's Hack bike made me a little homesick. That ride is a common set-up for Vancouver. MTB, semi-slick tires, big tail fender, brake booster and super-long seat post. I'll bet it belonged to a courier or other high-mileage cyclist.


That wine (Cycles Gladiator) can not legally be sold in the state of Alabama because it violates their decency laws for labeling [due to exposed nipples]. The company was told they could change their logo and still be sold there but they instead chose to extend a hearty middle finger to the state of Alabama and their ridiculous laws and only sell their wares in 49 other states (and apparently Canada as well).


Crazy...does the great state of Alabama also ban fine art books in their public libraries due to 'decency laws'? That defies logic...

bama biker

No, actually Alabama does not ban fine art books, and despite what many people think, we are not all backwards illiterate bafoons. Alabama is actually quite beautiful and peaceful. Some of us, myself included, are quite normal, car-free people who get annoyed by the remarks of urban hipsters who think they are better than everybody. Of course, we have plenty of politicians who do stupid things like ban a wine bottle... politicians do dumb things everywhere. We also have politicians who do wonderful things. For example, we have cities with more bike lanes per person than New York and Chicago combined, and the added benefit of no traffic! Oh, and we also have many of the best (and best funded) library systems in the country.


What city in Alabama has more bike lanes per capita than NYC & Chicago? Birmingham? Montgomery? Huntsville? I know it's not Mobile & doubt it's Anniston.

bama biker

Auburn. It is also a LAB bike-friendly city.

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