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Don't text and ride, and don't use earbhud/earphones to listen to music while riding in traffic. You need your ears to help keep track of cars, bikes and pedestrians around you. Hearing traffic a block or two behind you or up around the next corner can help give you the advanced notice you need to stay safe. Eyes and ears on the road!

Zack Burger


Very good advice. I also have a little speaker I can attach to this, not pictured, that allows me to keep the ear buds off and bike safely as you've mentioned.

Eyes and ears on the road, indeed. :)


Does this hack stabilize your phone well enough for a mountain bike ride?

Zack Burger

Hey TwoKnobblyTires, good question:

I hop curbs and go through the occasional bit of a bumpy dirt/mud road and with the way I made this the only movement that happens it up and down (not side to side to where it would possibly hit the handle bars). With that said, I'd have a high degree of confidence that I could mountain bike with this.

An idea:
You might even duct tape a plastic spoon or perhaps a piece of cardboard into the handle part so as to create more "stiffness" in the design. Just a thought.

Brad W

This could, also, work well as a cup holder for a casual ride (on a beach cruiser, for instance).

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